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Shifting of domain name from rediffmail to yahoomail

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Presently using the domain name sgk.co.in from rediffmail.

Now we have purchased business mail services from yahoo.  For this we are required to shift our domain from

rediffmail to yahoo.  Yahoo says to contact MX registrar for this.

Please inform how to do this.
asked Jan 2, 2014 by Ajit Gupta

2 Answers

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After searching for your domain sgk.co.in , i found your domain name is hosted with rediffmail DNS servers

so you have to contact rediffmail (domain registrar) to change your MX records to point to yahoo mail.
answered Jan 2, 2014 by admin (2,920 points)
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Find below link. on how to change reddif mail DNS records


Then change rediffmail MX records to yahoo MX records
answered Jan 2, 2014 by anonymous