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How to creat MX record for my domain name

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How to creat MX record for my domain name I am hosting my domain on my own dns server
asked Dec 21, 2013 by vinky

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In ordr to create mail exchanger records for your domain (example.com)  you have to


1- Create DNS record 

Record type : A record

Name : mail.example.com

IP address : Public IP address of your email server or public ip address that forwards SMTP traffic to your email server


2- Create mail exchanger record

Record type : MX  record

Name : mail

Mail server (Points to A record) : mail.example.com

Priority : A number between 0 and 65535 that indicates the mail exchange server’s priority with respect to the other mail exchange servers

answered Dec 21, 2013 by admin (2,920 points)