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How does DNS work?
DNS is like a massive phonebook for all IP addresses.When you type in a domain name, your computer will first contact a name server to “look up” the IP address that corresponds to the domain name in a process called “Resolving DNS”.Unlike a phonebook, however, DNS is not a centralized server that contains all the domains and the IP addresses on the Internet. DNS is built as a distributed database of independent name servers. Each name server is responsible for mapping a certain set of domain names to IP addresses. There’s a complex system of redundancies, overlaps and failovers, but all you need to know is that when you type in a domain from anywhere in the world, it will always point to the same IP address. As a requirement, every website is required to have at least two name servers, in case one is unavailable.Besides resolving IP addresses used for web browsing, DNS servers may also contain other information, such as MX records, used for email traffic, and others.