smtp test tool

SMTP Test Tool


For local network SMTP test use our SMTP Diag Tool

The SMTP Test can help you identify where your send mail request is encountering issues.
Depending on the mail server, you’ll receive a series of responses, possibly with comments to help explain them.
There are also a number of SMTP codes:
Code: 220 - Message: Service ready
Code: 221 - Message: Service closing transmission channel
Code: 250 - Message: Requested mail action okay, completed
Code: 251 - Message: User not local - forward to [path]
Additionally, there are a few common SMTP error codes as well:
Error: 450 - Mailbox unavailable
Error: 451 - Local error in processing
Error: 451 - Insufficient system storage
Error: 500 - Syntax error (command unrecognized)
Error: 501 - Syntax error (bad parameter or argument)
Error: 521 - Domain does not accept email
Error: 535 - Authentication unsuccessful (bad username or password)
Error: 530 - Access denied
Error: 554 - Relay Access denied

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The Benefit

With the SMTP Test Tool, Admin can easily see what’s going wrong with an SMTP server.

Admin can easily see what’s going wrong with an SMTP server. Perhaps your login credentials are failing.

The SMTP Test Tool is constantly updated.

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Display quick and detailed information.

Simple SMTP support, Full ICAP support, SOCKS support, IPv6 support.

Check out the information from our service quickly.

How to Use

With only four steps, you can check all information on one IP or domain name quickly and accurately

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