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Traceroute Tool


What is Traceroute?
Traceroute is a networking tool that helps you understand the route that your IP packets take to reach the destination. Traceroute reports back which servers the packet passed through and how long each hop took. This is useful if you are troubleshooting a network or trying to determine why your connection to certain websites or IP addresses is failing or time-consuming.
In case you aren’t familiar with the way data is transmitted over the Internet, it’s important to understand that you will never have a direct connection to the webserver or computer you are communicating with.
Instead, your data is passed from one node (router or switch) to another in order to find the fastest route to an Internet backbone, before eventually reaching its final destination. This is a bit like a bucket brigade, or perhaps more like a network of highways, interstates, and local roads. While your data will very rarely take the same route twice, the path it takes and the switches it passed through are often very similar from one request to the next.

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The Benefit

Help admin understand the route that your IP packets take to reach the destination

A general network performance monitoring tool with a wide range of features designed.

If there is a time jump at any of the hops, that node is contributing significantly to the delay.

If a domain name is hosted, the second step to the last step will be the host.

Evaluate the ability to access websites comprehensively.

The hop number, the amount of time it took for each of the three tries in milliseconds.

Dramatically reduce the time it takes to isolate and identify bandwidth or segmentation errors in your network.

How to Use

With only four steps, you can check all information on one IP or domain name quickly and accurately

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